Oct 29, 2017

Tucker, formerly known as "Aiden". Six months old :)

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Oct 30, 2017

Aww!!! He is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing with us, we love seeing our babies grow up! ❤️❤️❤️

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    Jul 20, 2017

    Below is a email we got from a family that we recently sent our first male breeder, Brendan, home with. This story brought a tear to my eye!!! I could just see him doing all the things she describes. He is such a sweet boy and has produce so many sweet little kitties just like himself. Hey Sally, Just thought I would drop you a line to give you an update on Brenden now that he has settled.  You can certainly tell he was raised with love.  Brenden does not know a stranger and is not afraid of anything. His favorite spot is "wherever the people happen to be".  Your training of him (he knows his name, the meaning of the word no, etc) is so evident.  This is a REALLY smart cat. Brendan has settled into his role of "King" of the house quite well. He follows Nick everywhere and is definitely his cat. This thrills Nick.  He sits with him as he does homework and follows him to bed every night, sleeping on his bed.  He gets along great with the dog who has complete tolerance for the fact that when he gets in his crazy playful moods he sometimes bites her legs.  She looks at him annoyed, and walks away leaving him feeling extra amped up on his self-perceived victory over the much larger animal.  He has total and complete free run of the entire house, and has not sprayed once.  He is a lot cleaner and neat with his litter box than our last cat.  His fur is growing back quickly (going to miss that cool-looking tail).  He has quickly established a daily routine (get Nick to feed him, come sit on Steven and my bed while we get ready for the day, follow me down the hall as I make coffee, watch dog eat her breakfast from family room window, nap in guest bathroom (why he chose that spot for that particular nap I have no idea, but each nap has its specific place), etc.... he loves his routine.  He goes cat-crazy in the evening and loves playing chase with Steven or Nick (my guess is this is one of the ways your son use to play with him).  He spends his days when Nick is in school sacked out on the floor in my office along with the dog. Extended family have come to meet him and he made sure they left knowing he was a love. Anyhow, he is everything we hoped for and more.  I know he meant a lot to you and your family - and your love for him shows in who he is.  I thought you might like to hear he is doing well and that we promise to continue to love him. Sharon Duncan
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