All our kittens are TICA registered and come with a health guarantee. Kittens are DNA tested negative for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy).  All pet quality kittens come spayed or neutered with their first two sets of shots along with health records.


As a personal touch our little angels will go home with a homemade baby blanket.  The blanket will have their mothers scent on it to give the kittens something familiar that will help them feel safe and have an easier transition to their new home.

Altered Show Quality

Colorpoint & Mitted:   $1100 - $1400

Bicolor:                          $1600 - $1800

($200 more for lynx pattern)

Show Quality Breeder

$2200 - $3000

(Most of our kittens are show quality, however sometimes a kitten will not meet the show quality standards and pricing may be adjusted)

A $300 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve kitten

When picking up the kitten the remainder of the amount will need to be paid in cash or prepaid using PayPal online or Venmo.

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To place a deposit on a kitten use:



If using Venmo have either bank account or debit card linked. 

If you use a credit card through Venmo it will charge us transaction fees which will be passed onto you.

NOTE: Do not send a deposit without setting up a contract for a kitten. If deposit is sent without a contract it will be returned and all fees associated with the charge-back will be your liability.

Contract Agreement:

(click icon to download our contract agreement)

Kitten Adoption Procedure

1. Contact us to see if kittens are available and to be added to waiting list. We try to keep our site current however there are times that the kitten availability isn't updated. Our most current information can be found on our Instagram account.

2. In about three to four weeks after the kittens are born we will be able to determine the sex, coloration and quality of the kittens.  We will contact the people on our waiting list based on first come first served. If you are looking for a specific type of ragdoll we will do our best to try and get you what you want.

3. Once you have been contacted and your kitten has been chosen you can place your deposit using the PayPal link above or by finding us on Venmo.  Placing the deposit will secure a kitten for you.

4. Waiting and watching. We will send you picture of your little angel as they are growing. We will also be adding pictures to our gallery page through Instagram.

5. We give them their first immunization shot at 8 weeks of age and their second right before they go home. They are spayed and neutered at 11 weeks so that they have a week to recover before going home to their new family.  It is better to spay and neuter before going to a new home because they will still have the comfort of their mommy, siblings and familiar environment while they recover. It is hard enough for them to transition to a new home without the addition of having surgery too.

6. Preparing for your kitten. Be sure to get all the things you will need for your kitten. Such as: Litter box, food and water bowls, toys, cat litter & cat food.  It is good to continue the same brand of cat litter and food they are used to, if possible.  If you plan to change their food we can send a baggie of the food they eat now for you to mix with the new food so they can slowly transition to the new food.

7. Pick up time. We send our kittens home at 12 weeks of age. This breed is a slow growing breed so they need a little longer with their mommies to become healthy and strong enough to go to their new families. When you come to pick up your kitty you will need to bring a cat carrier and the remaining balance in cash. You can also pay the remaining balance before coming using PayPal or Venmo.